Chess Boot Camp 2: A Master tries his luck (and fails)!

Chess Boot Camp 2: A Master tries his luck (and fails)!

NM CraiggoryC
Mar 8, 2015, 7:28 PM |

My last time posting a Chess Boot Camp, (here is a link: I think people were under the mistaken belief that they should be getting most or all the puzzles right. That would be a pretty easy "boot camp". Boot camps are to set nearly unattainable feats, but in the act of "failing" the feats, you yourself become stronger. It's the act of trying (and usually failing) that makes the chess boot camp worthwhile. In order to show how hard these puzzles are, I've attempted them and I will show my thought process on each and everyone. For now, grab a timer, sheets of paper, and a pen/pencil; let's get started! Below are the rules and a tip. When solving the problems, it is best to write down everything you are thinking and then compare with the correct answer. This way you can see exactly what you were thinking and compare with the analysis after trying to solve. Good luck!

Chess Boot Camp!

Step one: Put 15 minutes on a clock/timer. 

Step two: Attempt puzzle #1 you must spend at least 3 minutes and at most 5 minutes (at the end of puzzle 1 the least amount of time you can have is 10 minutes).

Step three: If correct in puzzle #1 add 5 minutes back to clock/timer (the most you could possibly have after puzzle #1 is 17 minutes). 

Step four: Use your remaining time (should be between 10 and 17 minutes) to attempt puzzle #2.

Step five: Attempt all the puzzles you can until completed or out of time (remember to add 5 minutes for every correct answer). Good luck, see how many you can get! (push ups optional)

Tip: Not every move is a winning tactic. There are some "positional" puzzles. You are just trying to find the strongest move there is in each position. 

Puzzle #1

Puzzle #2


Puzzle #3


Puzzle #4


Puzzle #5: Last Puzzle you may use all the remaining time left on your clock/timer