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For You Blitz Lovers Out There

For You Blitz Lovers Out There

Jul 25, 2015, 3:20 PM 3

Do you love blitz, but you also want to improve? Go over your games! Blitz games are a great way to go over your openings. Also since your opponent and yourself have little time, there are many tactics in blitz games. Let me show you how I went over some blitz games I played today. 

Tactics from the games

Black had been winning, but played the careless Nf6-g8. How did White punish him for this mistake?
Opening Moves
Black is planning to play g6 followed by Bg7, how does White throw a spanner in the works?
Typical Nimzo idea coming right up, do you know it?
Check out some attacking gems in the analysis to my blitz game

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