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Slow Swiss #6: Round 5: Dr. Cris Angel vs Crash Steve

Slow Swiss #6: Round 5: Dr. Cris Angel vs Crash Steve

Jun 28, 2013, 4:41 PM 2

Match made in Heaven? I didn't think it was. We didn't want to face each other. Although, weeks ago, she did predict that we were going play each in week 5.

I have very basic chess skills. Lately I've been telling myself "Protect your squares". Whether there is a piece or not, protect it. I've been doing ok since thinking that. Last week, in my preparation for my Whitegs match(Slow Swiss #6 game 4), I finally didn't lose to the level 5 CPU on the Chess.com app. I had always lost, never even drew. I drew by repetion. I saw it happening, but I didn't want to lose. A draw was a win for me. 

I'm taking this "Protect your squares" with me to this match. I was thinking it throughout most of the match. I think I lost focus. I don't know when to attack. Maybe I don't know how to attack. While going over my game, I noticed that when I went into offense, I abandoned my "Protect your squares". I made a huge mistake on 18. During the game, I saw danger. I wanted to show you readers the danger, and I saw that there was none. What the heck did I see? Misjudgement? Miscalculation? 

Anyway, It was a great game. Dr. Cris Angel had me stressing out(at the end). This game turned out to be a match made in Heaven after all.

Dr Cris Angle's annotation of this game.

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