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First Mile Stone

First Mile Stone

Jul 12, 2015, 9:45 PM 5

Almost 2 and half years by now that i have long to take part in a rated tournament!. There were always some problems which always awaits me Smile. Life became very challenging and tiresome ever since i came out of village. well this city has taught me lot of things and i have learnt to adjust myself. Now i got a small part time job which supports my activities and backup my pocket money. 


At first it was quite impossible for me to balance between college, job and cookingTongue Out. but now i think i have become very smart Laughing.


Well i am going to take part in an Open Rated Chess Tournament which will be the FIRST rated TOURNEY of my life, GTC CHESS CLASSIC 2015. I have got only a week with me and i dont know how to prepare for it. I never rooted to join it but at last moment a bro came up and supported me, really i had no words to thank him. They says that you just enjoy the game, but i am really nervous. We never lose in Chess, you either win or learn and thats what i learn in the last two and half years. well the reason i wrote this blog is because i thought that it will help me in someway which i dont knowSmile. if you are reading this than please do add me in your prayer that i dont end in nervous breakdown Wink

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