Canadian Post Secondary Championships 2009 (Game 1)

Jan 19, 2009, 8:02 AM |

Canadian Post Secondary Chess Championships

I was the alternate board for the University Of Guelph A team at the Canadian Post Secondary Chess Championships, January 2009.  Our team placed second next to University of Western Ontario A, although I didn't get any team games in I thought I gained some great experience to what tournment games are really like! 

The time controls throughout the tournment were 90 Min +30seconds/move.  I felt I played reasonably well but getting used to the pressure I often found myself not calculating at the level I normally would, as seen from my games I made quite a few outright errors throughout the tournment.

Game 1

This was the first of my five games in the open section, my opponent was also unrated, I found at times he has some great tactical play, which made up for where he lacked positionally as seen with his opening techniques, I feel that I was stronger. 

My first developmental error compared to my opponent would have been 7. ... Bd7.  A few moves later I made an outright blunder with a chance to win a pawn with 16. ... Rb8 instead of 16. ... Nxa4 or 16. ... Bxa4.  The worst astounding blunder I made came a few moves later however, I was very lucky that my opponent reacted to quickly to my check and touched his Knight, immedatiely realizing what he had done but touch move being the rules was force to take with the Knight.  The move I made to lose my rook was 29. ... e5. 

I hope you enjoy the game and some of the hilarity to watching an amature player struggle with his first tournment.  There are four more games to come!