poem: funeral

Dec 8, 2008, 12:24 PM |

I hover

everyone's wearing black, tears shedding upon innocent cheeks

why r they crying? i wonder

the preacher steps up" we r gathered 2day to witness a girl who died before her time."

As the preacher steps down, her friend steps up and looks absentmindedly down at the white clothed corpse." she was a good friend, irreplacable."

The mother steps up, her tears pouring down on the peaceful corpse"Nobody could ask 4 a better daughter, she was kind, courageous, but she couldnt communicate with the world, especially me, regarding that i still love her"

The crowd surrounds the coffin, I am unable 2 c the girl's face

I walk thru the teary people and see her face

u wouldnt believe it, but

that girl, that friend, that daughter

was me.