Best Result of my life tonight! Blogs will be back ;)

Mar 6, 2014, 2:18 PM |

So just a quick bit of info. Last weekend I won East Devon Championships. Around u1650 fide level with perfect 4/4!  ;)  Had 1st round bye so fin on 4.5!


Then won a Club match on board 1 v a 113 ecf (1554 fide)

Then won an online 45/45 game and played it on a board so have been on fire. Important to mention this as I went into tonights game with no hope! My form should count for nothing! I am a 121 playing a 181 ecf! 2098 fide conv!


But I was feeling confident and thought he was around 160 ish as my captain said that hes 160 ish. So I was not too daunted. I end up losing my Queen for a rook then setting up a nice trap to record my best result to date ever  ;)


Hopefully my Blogs will be back. Been so busy. But will try and get some up every few weeks  ;)