Classic Disaster to Classic Success ;)

I last posted a week ago annoyed with my poor performance at the London Chess Classic weekender A. I hoped that blog woke me up and made me concentrate a bit more and I think it did.

I went into the 2nd weekend tournament alot more concentrated and focused. I had my Bacon and Egg sandwich before I left lol. Which has become a mental ritual I need to do it seems. Whenever I have had a good tournament I have had good sleep and a bacon and egg sandwich before I set off fof the playing hall lol. 

Although I did not win this 2nd tournament I could not have done much more and the one game I did lose was a bit unlucky as he found an amazing move and I really did not raise my game as he was unrated. Anyway heres my 1st game. I am quite happy with this one as I found a nice pawn move at the right time and played very accurate. Here it is. I was Black v a 87.

So a great start. I thought here all I need to do is keep it together for my 2nd round game. For some very odd reason I slip up in 2nd round games. It has happened so many times it has become a mental problem and I need to erradicate. Same thing happened the week before. Up against an unrated Americian. He has a USCF of about 1600 ish and he played like a 1900. Not just that he played blitz the entire match. I was white v Rafael Larios. If I lost this it would be my 4th defeat on the trot with white!

So 1/2 and already I was gutted and knew only results going my way would mean a 2nd place outright or 1st place joint. But I knew a 4/5 would be decent so I went all out to get it.

in the 3rd round I was black v John Jestico 99 ECF. 1442 Fide. But he has beat some very good players in the passed and hes very experienced. This game I played fantastic. One of my most accurate games again.

So on 2/3 and very happy with my play as Black. For some odd reason I am having major troubles with white. But not the next game. I win in 1 move ;) 

Up against Ayse Karel. a 98 ecf and has been as high as 130 odd!! She can play very well and has beat some good players. But I think she knows I play Nf3 so I cna understand her not turning up ;)

so 3/4 and I only needed a win in my last round to get possible joint 1st or at worst joint 2nd. I managed to win a horrid game tbh with the position and he gave me it thinking he had a better idea. The position I get in this game is crazy. I have never seen someone of a 104 ability to what he did lol. I had beat him on the last occation I played him a year ago but he had beat me a few days before that. I have got alot better since then.

So I was white v Phil humphrey. 104 ECF

So even thought I got 4/5 and finally got a win with white I was disappointed. My friend got 5/5 and won the section and I got clear 2nd ;) 

So onto a few local tournaments now before my big Hastings quest begins. I am playing at Northwick Park this weekend and then my Coulsdon Xmas tournament the week after. I will probably be trying new openings out for these games as my grade also needs some toning down before hastings lol.

I am going down there early on the 28th and the tournaments finish on the 5th of July. I am in 4 tournaments of 5 runds in each lol. So 20 games on the way! I expect to win atleast 2 of them and get a 2nd place and will give myself 1 bad tourney. But really I know I can win 3 of them if not 4 ;)  so I will post maybe soon.

I am even considering posting each day and editting my blog after each day which I think I can do. so thanks for reading folks and comments and thoughts are welcome ;) 


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    Hi Argon, which move are you on about as i mad a fw good pawn pushes in the 1st game ;)

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    i really like the 1st game i would have never anticipated pwn push as im not quite up to that level yet

    i also liked it because it was played by black and im still having trouble starting out as black

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    Thanks Sam although I disagree bloggin is a must to keep track of things as I have my Databse for that and I go through my games up to 3 times aftrewards the again a few weeks later. And sometimes go back to games 6 months later just to re remember the lesson from certain games etc.

    And yes 79-113 is unknown in Chess for an adult ;)  in only 1 year anyway. This grading list as I have told you it will be only a small increase but I am going for a massive one for the July list. I am certain the confidence I got from Paignton will get me up to 130 easy by July ;)  I have been alot more inactive the last few months and had a few personal issues to deal with and has effected me a bit otb but alot of those are passed me now and I am looking for a cruiseymeister 2013 ;)

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    I'm gonna try to comment on every game, right...

    Game 1 - I'm pleased to see you're using a queens Indian defence! Definitely different setup to me but effective all the same, well played game!

    Game 2 - unlucky at the end there your opponent was obviously a good player being ungraded, but in the opening, I know how much you love your 1.Nf3! 'cos you use it with great success! But you say e3 was a wasted move... playing 5.e3 instead of 5.Bf4 is a VERY SOLID 1.d4 opening setup that usually gives almost +1 after the opening 10 moves, so maybe try keeping your DSB in for later and play 5.e3 Wink

    Game 3 - Nicely destroyed the English (I hate the English opening too and use my symmetrical variation to easily win it), 35.Bb8! deffo a great move I'd have played it myself lol! Cool He was totally busted!

    Game 4 - LOL!!! Laughing Tongue Out

    Game 5 - Great positional play! Kudos for playing a solid game with 2 sets of doubled-pawns but we know that we can often use doubled-pawns to our advantage, just like you did with your rooks, good endgame skill there, well played mate!

    Last comment, overall performance was good, nice to see you using your 1.Nf3 regularly it's very versatile, maybe try and get 1 more opening into your white repertoire until you reach 170, like I have 1.d4 and 1.b3! Don't get too disheartened if you missed a quicker win by an engine evaluation or missed a tactic or didn't play a top 3 move - sometimes "the best move" isn't always the best move otb as you know... you're a good improving player it will be interesting to see what level you're at this time next year - at least 140 hopefully! You easily could be Wink

    Clear 2nd place in any tournament is a great achievement, you should be happy, trust... deffo post up more of your games and club matches too, blogging is great because not only can others see your games, you can also look back at your past games and see how your style changes over the years - I've recently looked at some of my first rated games (Sept-Oct '11) and I'm playing so much more sharp now and aggressive, but still have that solid positional edge that wins me lots of games, you can look back and see what you have now that you didn't a year ago - you was only a 79 last year, now you're 113 that's a huge improvement! Keep it up mate Wink

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