Classic Disaster to Classic Success ;)

Dec 13, 2012, 1:15 PM |

I last posted a week ago annoyed with my poor performance at the London Chess Classic weekender A. I hoped that blog woke me up and made me concentrate a bit more and I think it did.

I went into the 2nd weekend tournament alot more concentrated and focused. I had my Bacon and Egg sandwich before I left lol. Which has become a mental ritual I need to do it seems. Whenever I have had a good tournament I have had good sleep and a bacon and egg sandwich before I set off fof the playing hall lol. 

Although I did not win this 2nd tournament I could not have done much more and the one game I did lose was a bit unlucky as he found an amazing move and I really did not raise my game as he was unrated. Anyway heres my 1st game. I am quite happy with this one as I found a nice pawn move at the right time and played very accurate. Here it is. I was Black v a 87.

So a great start. I thought here all I need to do is keep it together for my 2nd round game. For some very odd reason I slip up in 2nd round games. It has happened so many times it has become a mental problem and I need to erradicate. Same thing happened the week before. Up against an unrated Americian. He has a USCF of about 1600 ish and he played like a 1900. Not just that he played blitz the entire match. I was white v Rafael Larios. If I lost this it would be my 4th defeat on the trot with white!

So 1/2 and already I was gutted and knew only results going my way would mean a 2nd place outright or 1st place joint. But I knew a 4/5 would be decent so I went all out to get it.

in the 3rd round I was black v John Jestico 99 ECF. 1442 Fide. But he has beat some very good players in the passed and hes very experienced. This game I played fantastic. One of my most accurate games again.

So on 2/3 and very happy with my play as Black. For some odd reason I am having major troubles with white. But not the next game. I win in 1 move ;) 

Up against Ayse Karel. a 98 ecf and has been as high as 130 odd!! She can play very well and has beat some good players. But I think she knows I play Nf3 so I cna understand her not turning up ;)

so 3/4 and I only needed a win in my last round to get possible joint 1st or at worst joint 2nd. I managed to win a horrid game tbh with the position and he gave me it thinking he had a better idea. The position I get in this game is crazy. I have never seen someone of a 104 ability to what he did lol. I had beat him on the last occation I played him a year ago but he had beat me a few days before that. I have got alot better since then.

So I was white v Phil humphrey. 104 ECF

So even thought I got 4/5 and finally got a win with white I was disappointed. My friend got 5/5 and won the section and I got clear 2nd ;) 

So onto a few local tournaments now before my big Hastings quest begins. I am playing at Northwick Park this weekend and then my Coulsdon Xmas tournament the week after. I will probably be trying new openings out for these games as my grade also needs some toning down before hastings lol.

I am going down there early on the 28th and the tournaments finish on the 5th of July. I am in 4 tournaments of 5 runds in each lol. So 20 games on the way! I expect to win atleast 2 of them and get a 2nd place and will give myself 1 bad tourney. But really I know I can win 3 of them if not 4 ;)  so I will post maybe soon.

I am even considering posting each day and editting my blog after each day which I think I can do. so thanks for reading folks and comments and thoughts are welcome ;)