My 2nd best win ever ;)

Just thought I would post this up as a few people wanted to see the game. It was a game I played at the recent British championships and was v a player who is very experienced so in a way it may be my best win ever. My prev best was v a 17 year old Junior Alex Hardwick but he made a mistake so early in the game that it really was an easy one. This one was a marathon. And maybe my longest game ever. Was around 6 hours ish. This guy had just held a 150 rating and had just been 154 ecf! 1898 Fide! So no pushover.

Another amazing thing about this game is I had just gone 12 games with only 1 win. Most of this run was v players alot higher rated than me and some were rapids but still 1 win in 12 is an awful run and effects confidence big time. So this game was even tougher due to my confidence at the time.

Here it is. Any comments or questions welcome.

So maybe my best ever win. I have not played many players over 150 so I dont get the chance very often to create a best ever win. But with me being the most imporved adult in the country this year out of the players on the most active list I will be playing in more higher section events and I am sure more scalps will be taking place ;) 

In this actual event I fin on 1.5 out of 4. I pulled out last round due to wanting to watch the GM games at the British. I will at some point post my games up from my sectioned events altho I am still sore about it as I only had to win my last game in the u120 and I was British champion :(  


  • 4 years ago

    IM dpruess

    i feel you, it's not easy to put up good blogs! they take me a long time as well.

  • 4 years ago


    Thanks David and Sam. Always an honor that you check my blogs and games David ;)   I should do more just so time consuming as I like to make them as perfect and good as I can. ;)  I will prob post up my Wocestershire games where i came 2nd in the tourney then do my British games which will take me hours to do. played about 20 games if I include the 3 rapid filler games.

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    YAY! Great game Cruisey Cool

  • 4 years ago

    IM dpruess

    what an intense game! congrats on the win, and pulling out of the bad streak.

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