My Tourney win at Golders Green! 5th Tournament win ;)

May 4, 2012, 1:26 PM |

I went into this Tournament on a fire. My tourny win in St Albans was followed up shortly after by my best ever win. Then I won a rapid in East ham called the Kitchen and table Classic. This tournament was the day after that and it was a great warm up playing the day before and doing ok. In this tournament I just wanted to beat my best score at Golders which was 3.5. I did that with flying colours ;)



So I was on 2/2 and feeling confident. only 2 more wins to beat my previous best but of course I knew I could win this and went for it.

So on 3/3, great start ad only 1 more win needed from my last 3 to get what I wanted at a minimum. But awful losing last 2 or 2 of last 3 so I wanted 2 more wins and I got them. Next game was prob the toughest. A 10 old junior who had England trials next week and is one of our bright prospects.

So from top board tha last 2 rounds I now went back down to board 3. And needed the guy who just beat me to lose or I cant get 1st. And if board 2 was a draw then I get joint 1st place with 1 other ;)  Surely just a dream for all that to happen and for me to win also? ;)

So I left the board happy but knowing I needed 2 results to go my way. I realised one game had finished and I found out it was a draw! Meaning I jumped above both those players. I then saw the guy who was playing the guy who beat me and he told me he had beat him! Meaning I was joint first ;)  I had done it. Only my 3rd Golders Green and I win it. It was only my 8th Rapid ever so I was delighted ;)

Another good thing was I had 4 blacks in this tourney and came out in 1st place ;)


My next tourney is this weekend in Potter Bar called Castle Chess.

I did a tournament last weekend which I may also put up. I did not do great and had 2 wins and 2 losses with 1 draw in a higher section that I normally play in. But this weekend I am quite confident as its back in my section and does not have a massive field. I will blog about last week and this weekend soon.