Rapid Tourney win at Richmond. 6th Tourney Title.


Probably about time I did my Mays Tourney win. I have been busy with work and Chess so really not got round to getting my blogs up to date. I have a few more I will probably post up before I am off to the British next week. As am now off work and have some spare time. So I went into this tournament having won 9 of my last 11 games and having won my previous 2 rapid tournaments. My slow play had been a bit up and down and I enter these rapid mainly for fun and the GP points in which the better score you get the more points on your Grand Prix total. So I was after 6/6 in this tournament. My last appearance here I got 5/6 and came 2nd as 1 player got a perfect 6/6 and I didnt get to play him.

So in the first round I was up against a very dangerous player from Russia who is ungraded. I was told by peopel I know he is very good and as good as someone who had beaten me at Richmond twice b4 (Daniel Varney) So i was wary but confident.

So into round 2 and up against a little kid only about 7/8. And another Russian sounding name ;)  I wont comment to much after this as it gets very ugly after he opened quite well.

So 2/2 And amazingly enuf I now face a 3rd Russian lol. No joke. Makxim Shvidler! What a name. ;)  I was told b4 the game he had just crushed 2 people and I better watch out. Well I play a virtually perfect game and crush him very quick.

on 3/3 and now up against someone who plays a move b4 you even have a chance to play your move. He must lose more winning positions due to this than anyone.


So 4/4 and my goal of 6/6 is close ;)

Next round I am up against Andrew Bates. I am already a point clear of the field and Bates is not at the same level as some of my opponents already.

So 5/5 and last round I am up against Luke Barry who was the 2nd seen I think and just got off to a bad start and he had caught me up. He was on 4 and on 5. If I won this and results went for me I could win the tournament by 2 points. Un heard of. He battled well and gave me a rough game. I was really in trouble but after he blundered I got out of it and won the game ;)


So I won with 6/6 and my record in rapids was 15 wins from last 17 ;)

After this I went into a U130, a much higher level than this and I lost my first 2 games after doing so well in both games. I was given a bye in the 3rd round and due to feeling tired decided to pull out. Then My next rapid after that was Richmond u100 again but it was a stronger field and after being on 4/5 I lost my last game and a win would of gave me the tournament. I may post up this tournament as some of the games were quite nce. ;)


On my slow play things have been going ok. A few 2nd places and some decent wins. And my last weekend rapids I got 4.5/6 and 3.5/6 after being on 3/3! I may also post those games up.

I have a tournament this weekend which is my warm up for the biggest tournament of the year. The British championships is the week after! I will deof be posting up all my games from this and may post up my warm up tournament ones also ;)