St Albans Champ!! 3rd Tourny title!

Apr 3, 2012, 2:13 PM |

So its only been 9 Months back in Chess and already have my 3rd tourny win. I have been progressing beyond what I thought possible and am now a provisional 122 in the new ratings! A jump of nearly 30 points ECF. Which in fide ratings is 224 points! 1402 up to 1626. Ofcourse I need to keep it up and may go up even higher. This last weekend I just won St Albans Chess congress. It had a field of 60 people! All wanting to win it which even at this low level makes it tough with so many in it due to 1 draw can be tourny over as its only 5 rounds. Anyway I had just came 1st in Brighton back in Febuary and then came 3rd at Blackpool and 3rd at Gatwick. I was on a run of only 1 defeat in 19 tournament games. And was 13 games undefeated in all competitions and games so was confident going into it. Go get a cup fo tea or coffee and sit back and enjoy the cruisemeister crush the field ;)

So I did it, and now only lost 1 game in my last 23 tournament games.
Thats not counting a loss where i showed up at blackpool on the final day paraletic still from the night before lol. I now have another tourny coming up this Easter and If I do wlel I will prib post those up as well.

Any comments or thoughts welcome ;)