Finishing #14th and Beating a 2056 Rated Blitz Player in UTT (January 19th, 2021)
Credit for the 'Untitled Tuesday' image goes to the UTT club.

Finishing #14th and Beating a 2056 Rated Blitz Player in UTT (January 19th, 2021)

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On January 19th, 2021, two of my goals were accomplished, just 3 days before my birthday! The first was getting 15> in Untitled Tuesday (UTT), and the second was beating a 2000+ rated blitz player!!!

Untitled Tuesday (UTTIs a weekly tournament played on It takes place every Tuesday, usually at 6:30 pm EST (4:30 pm MST) and once a month on Saturday at various times. It consists of 10 rounds of 3|1 blitz. 

For me, the second half of the tournament had better results than the first-half of the tournament.

(Win streak: W#) - (Draw streak: D#) - (Loss streak: L#)

Round 1

Game Accuracy: wk.png 92.7 Accuracy bk.png 65.4 Accuracy (Streak: L1)

The 'funny' thing about this game is that Typewriter44 and I played a few days ago in an arena tournament, and it was pretty even, except for near the end when I 'blundered' (more like missed a win), and the game was drawn by repetition. Check the forum covering that game here.

Round 2

Game Accuracy: wk.png 84.4 Accuracy bk.png 4.9 Accuracy (Streak: W1)

Round 3

Game Accuracy:wk.png10.0 (RIP) Accuracy bk.png 76.9 Accuracy (Streak: L1)

This game was a very sloppy one, with me even missing a forced mate in 3 on move 22 (oof).

Round 4

Game Accuracy: wk.png 30.1 Accuracy bk.png 92.5 Accuracy (Streak: L2)

This game was yet another very sloppy one played. . . sad.png

Round 5

Game Accuracy:wk.png92.6 Accuracybk.png 91.6 Accuracy (Streak: D1)

I was honestly quite happy to get a draw in this game, especially since I was playing such poor chess up to this point. This is the game where things really started to shift in my direction in this tourney. In a way, it was a 'momentum changer'.

Round 6

Game Accuracy: wk.png 42.6 Accuracy bk.png 57.2 Accuracy (Streak: W1)

I want to say this one was an easy dub, but it really wasn't. My opponent played really well, and at some points in this game, I thought I may have lost it or at least the position (which the latter one did happen for most of the game).

Round 7

Game Accuracy: wk.png 94.3 Accuracy bk.png 92.6 Accuracy (Streak: W2)

I was honestly not pleased with my overall play here, but I was quite content with my win, since I was now on a winning streak of 2, with a record of 3.5/7.

Round 8

Game Accuracy: wk.png 68.9 Accuracy bk.png 83.8 Accuracy (Streak: W3)

After my opponent swindled his knight, I took advantage of the game and got my 3rd win in a row. My record at this point was 4.5/8, which to me was quite great since I was already over a 50% win/draw record.

Round 9

Game Accuracy: wk.png 74.1 Accuracy bk.png 91.0 Accuracy (Streak: W4)

Here it is! My highest (rated) blitz win on!!! Now while it is true that my opponent, SmyslovFan, may have had a poor tournament, I still had to play positionally well against him. In fact, up to around move 23 (when he blundered the game on move 24), white was doing slightly better. Even after he blundered his rook on move 24, I still had to play well and was nervous that I was going to blunder the game away. I was thinking about maybe offering a draw for that reason, but in hindsight, it was a good thing that I didn't.

Round 10

Game Accuracy: wk.png 68.1 Accuracy bk.png 99.0 Accuracy (Streak: L1)

This game was really poorly played by me, and my opponent had an amazing accuracy of 99.0! Around move 12 and on I started playing really poorly, and I was just hoping I would get in the top 15. . . . Which I did!!!

Finish: #14th out of 71 (registered?) players. 

Score: 5.5/10 (Tiebreaks: 18.5)

Rating Change: 1554-1581 (+27)

Longest streak: (4 wins)

Goals For upcoming UTTs:

Finish in the top 10 or under (10>)  -  Finish with a score of 6/10 

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