NSPCL Season: 10 Week: 3 (Philippine Chess Giants vs Chessical PROdigies)
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NSPCL Season: 10 Week: 3 (Philippine Chess Giants vs Chessical PROdigies)

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The Not-so Pro Chess League (NSPCL) is a league composed of 32 teams, with 5 players on each team (not including substitutes). The regular season is composed of 8 different divisions, with 4 teams in each one, where each team plays a round-robin (3 matches) within their own division, and then an additional 1 match against a team of the other 3 divisions in their conference, for a total of 6 games in the regular season. 

For each weekly pairing, 3 points determine a team winner, earning it a match point. Draws earn the team half a match point, while losses gain a team no match points.

Finally, by the end of the sixth round, the top 2 teams from each Division will advance to the playoff stage (for a total of 16 teams taking part in the playoffs).

Adapted from the NSPCL Rules and Guidelines.

In this blog, the match games between the two relatively well-known teams, the Chessical PROdigies and the Philippine Chess Giants will be covered, during the 3rd week of season 10 of the Not-so Pro Chess League.

Match duration: February 4th, 2021-February 10th, 2021

@(Chessical PROdigies) vs @(Philippine Chess Giants)

 Board 1:

Board 1. The board with the players who have the most pressure on themselves. It is also usually the most anticipated game, and sometimes the deciding factor in the match! While this game could be said to be more lopsided to one player, the winner still had to put up a fight to get the dub.

wk.png @LightningChess21 (C) vs bk.png @ukanlos

Game Accuracy: wk.png 93.3 Accuracy bk.png 35.5 Accuracy 

 Board 2:

The game between the board 2s! While it is true that this game was leaning towards white for most of it, black had to put up quite a battle to get the draw!

bk.png @luisen17 vs  wk.png @illidan-Stormrage (C)

Game Accuracy: wk.png 82.5 Accuracy bk.png 71.2 Accuracy 

 Board 3:

wk.png @Roger436 vs bk.png @meliton

half.png Forfeit Draw half.png

 Board 4:

The battle of the board 4s! While this board may not get a lot of attention, it still can get quite intense between the two players! 

bk.png @cpaul77 vs wk.png @rucan120

Game Accuracy: wk.png 92.8 Accuracy bk.png 56.8 Accuracy 

 Board 5:

The game between the two board 5s! While it is true the board 5 games have a tendency to go to either opponent no matter the rating, this one did not, favouring the black side for most of the game, which was caused by white giving up the advantage on move #18. White didn't go down without a fight though!

wk.png @ring-tailed_lemur vs bk.png @Broly_Legendary

Game Accuracy: wk.png 52.5 Accuracy bk.png 81.5 Accuracy 

The final match score was 3 PCG-2 CP
This match was sure a thriller, and I expect there will be many more thriller matches in the future by both of these teams! Congratulations to the winning team, the Philippine Chess Giants over the Chessical PROdigiesI would like to say that it was a great match to blog about, and I can't wait to do more blogs covering the Not-so Pro Chess League (NSPCL) matches in the future!