NSPCL Season: 10 Week: 4 (Schicht im Schach(t)! vs Berlin Bears)
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NSPCL Season: 10 Week: 4 (Schicht im Schach(t)! vs Berlin Bears)

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The Not-so Pro Chess League (NSPCL) is a league composed of 32 teams, with 5 players on each team (not including substitutes). The regular season is composed of 8 different divisions, with 4 teams in each one, where each team plays a round-robin (3 matches) within their own division, and then an additional 1 match against a team of the other 3 divisions in their conference, for a total of 6 games in the regular season. 

For each weekly pairing, 3 points determine a team winner, earning it a match point. Draws earn the team half a match point, while losses gain a team no match points.

Finally, by the end of the sixth round, the top 2 teams from each Division will advance to the playoff stage (for a total of 16 teams taking part in the playoffs).

Adapted from the NSPCL Rules and Guidelines.

In this blog, the match games between the two teams, the and the Schicht im Schach(t)! and the Berlin Bears will be covered, during the 4th week of season 10 of the Not-so Pro Chess League.

Match duration: February 12th, 2021-February 17th, 2021

@(Schicht im Schach(t)!) vs @(Berlin Bears )

 Board 1:

Board 1. The board with the players who have the most pressure on themselves. It is also usually the most anticipated game, and sometimes the deciding factor in the match!  This game on 'board 1' was sure a thriller! Although white did come out with the dub, black still had a very high accuracy of 92.9!

wk.png @Maue1994 (C) vs bk.png @aspectre

Game Accuracy: wk.png 93.8 Accuracy bk.png 92.9 Accuracy 

 Board 2:

The game between the board 2s! While one player played 10 points in accuracy better than the other, it was still quite a great game, and interesting to run the analyses on.

bk.png @EmeC21 vs wk.png @bothox

Game Accuracy: wk.png 75.5 Accuracy bk.png 65.6 Accuracy 

 Board 3:

The battle between the median board: board 3! Despite white trying an early kind side attack that didn't work, black mainly had the game from start to finish.

wk.png @Linkowski vs bk.png @steffiei94 (C)

Game Accuracy: wk.png 15.4 Accuracy bk.png 85.4 Accuracy 

 Board 4:

The battle of the board 4s! While this board may not get a lot of attention, it still can get quite intense between the two players! This one was quite lopsided, but at the same time, the accuracy was not great for either play, but in the end, white pulled this game out to get the win, which was the deciding factor of this match between the Schicht im Schach(t)! and the Berlin Bears.

bk.png @Mzweasy vs wk.png @Sternflotte

Game Accuracy: wk.png 65.2 Accuracy bk.png 26.0 Accuracy 

 Board 5:

The game between the two board 5s! While it is true the board 5 games have a tendency to go to either opponent no matter the rating. This was an intense game, with white even missing a win on move 12!!!

wk.png @MrKnowledge98 vs bk.png @Remmulus

Game Accuracy: wk.png 93.7 Accuracy bk.png 67.9 Accuracy 

The final match score SiS-BB

Once again, this was another fun match-up to cover! It was also quite close, considering Berlin Bears only won it by one point! I'm looking forward to making more reports once again in the future covering different matches from the NSPCL.

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