How to lose a match.

Apr 15, 2008, 6:07 PM |

I'm embarassed, and was utterly devastated for a few hours today. I had made a move while at work after little thought/analysis. I've lost a few games doing this. I had tunnel vision and only looked at if my opponent could counter my threat and saw 'no he can't stop me from promoting my pawn.' But I ignored the obvious threat.

I had complete dominance of this game until I played d2. A simple move which I thought of playing but figured 'nah I'll get the queen' would have virtually ended the match.

However, what you'll see here is so obvious that a 1200 player shouldn't lose in this position. But I lost. Or am losing anyhow, just not going to resign since its possible my opponent will make a slip (doubtful but going to make him win).

I'm posting this, partly to punish myself (if you see my losses, you'll see this being consistent by me. Total blunders due to tunnel vision and making assumptions about position instead of analyzing), and partly to show people what not to do >_>

 Also, my opening sequence was bad so no need to comment on that ;) . I tried something out, got in trouble, but fought out of it and gained a lead.