Pawns: Meant To Be Pushed

Mar 18, 2011, 9:44 AM |

It's a race! It's a triathlon! Go go go! Which opponent can push their pawns hard enough to be promoted first? The fast pawns get the promotion!

But seriously. I have seen way too many games go by where either me or my opponent overlook the position of the pawns. One wrong move can allow the weak "magicarp" pawn to promote "evolve" into the powerful queen "gyarados".

No long lecture here, folks. Just the facts. Fact is, pawns are meant to be pushed. And thats just what they'll do. Finish the puzzle below and see if you can succesfully push your pawn. At least 99.999% of you guys will have trouble with it, I'm sure of it. I mean, pushing pawns...ridiculous...outrageous...poppycock!

And I think we all know that 99% of all pawn promotions are in queen form. No one risks their pawns just to promote them to bishops. Only rare cases will occur with in Tactics Trainer :P