ChessTV - "The BIG Show" - LCP Special Awards

ChessTV - "The BIG Show" - LCP Special Awards

Feb 17, 2015, 11:15 AM |

The BIG Show - LCP Special Awards
Thursday, February 19

10am PST/LA, 6pm GMT/London, 11:30pm IST/Mumbai

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As part of the Live Chess Presenters (LCP) Special Awards, IM Danny Rensch will host a special edition of the "BIG Show" on ChessTV to thank the LCP volunteers who bring members the live relayed games from chess tournaments all around the world.

The LCP group consists of members who volunteer behind-the-scenes to monitor broadcasted games on one screen and enter the moves in's Live Chess Event games for us all to enjoy. Because is a global site and tournaments are held in various timezones and at multiple times, the LCP group members sometimes get up early or stay up late to help bring these events to In addition to "relaying" the moves, the presenters are constantly asked questions, such as

  • "what's the time control,"
  • "who's winning the tournament,"
  • "where's it being played,"
  • and the chat's favorite question, "what's the time?"

If you haven't watched any of the matches in Live Chess from the 2015 Zurich Chess Classic or 2015 FIDE Grand Prix Tbilisi be sure to check them out this week and join in the interesting experience of guessing Nakamura's next move or will Carlsen play the Berlin.

Danny will play against ten of the most active relayers on this special simul show! He wishes he could play everyone, of course, but the LCP members selected are (in alphabetical order):











Plan to attend and cheer on your favorite LCP teammember or the host, as they battle their way through the 15|30 time control simul.

And continuing in March 2015, the ChessTV team will bring LCP members another special thank-you. The Relayer of the Month will get an opportunity to play in a "Best of 3" match against IM Thomas Rendle or HongKongJohn, hosts of Hack Attack! Be sure to follow other upcoming events in the ChessTV group.

For more information in becoming a LCP team member and helping to support, please contact group administrator here.