Chess by Girls . . . . .

Aug 6, 2010, 1:50 AM |

Six Members of the Girls Chess Club who were rusty on their chess playing skills were talking to Palm Reader Mary she said, “Let’s organize a meeting with Denver  our Chess Playing Mentor. We’ll rent the Cave suite at the McDonna Inn.”

“Sound like a fun way to learn from Denver.”

”When we get to the
MaDonnaInn we’ll spread out the chess boards in various parts of the suite. Several in front of the TV.”

“Ok. That’s the plan. It’ll be on Friday night.”



On Friday all six women were waiting in the restaurant to have dinner first.

“Oh My! Here comes the Chess King Denver,” the ladies declared in unison. “He showed up.”

During dinner Star said to Denver, “We all challenge you to a game of Strip Chess in one of the suites that we already paid for. Is that alright with you?”

 "Sure I wouldn't miss it."

After arriving at the suite the ladies took their positions.
Denver moved from board to board making his moves.  

Denver mated all six ladies.

Mate, Mate, Mate, Mate, Mate, Mate . . . . . .