The Bishop Pair: 5 Things to Know

Mar 21, 2015, 1:15 PM |

  • When fighting with the two bishops against the bishop and knight, we place the pawns on the same color as our opponent’s bishop. This way, we reduce the mobility of this piece;
  • In the endgame, it will always be difficult for the side playing against the bishop pair to bring  his king to the center, as it will run into annoying checks or even mate threats;
  • We should always keep in mind that, once a bigger advantage is obtained, we can trade one of the bishops, turning the position into a simple winning endgame;
  • When there are rooks on the board, it is useful to trade one rook in order to reduce our opponent’s defensive resources. This combination of rook + two bishops works very efficiently together;

When playing the endgame with the bishop pair, we should try to create a passed pawn