Game 5: Kupriechik v. Huebner

Oct 9, 2016, 9:08 AM |

Well, my trip got canceled. Darn it. I love to travel, but the good news is that not traveling gave me the time to analyze another game. And this is another French Defense! My favorite opening.

I have had people tell me that I really shouldn't question an engine's evaluation of the position. In particular, people on ICC have been very firm in telling me this. I disagree. I think that the point of this process is to teach myself to think and not simply to hear what the engine says. The engine's role is like that of an instructor. We discuss. The instrument shows me things. But ultimately, I have to decide what I think. And it would be cheating for me to say that the engine says one thing and I accept it even though I don't understand it. So this is a game where I have some disagreements with the engine. I would welcome any input on whether I am right or whether the engine is right. Yes, yes. The engine is much stronger than I am. But that's not an answer. If you think the engine is right, you have to tell me why the engine is right.