114-Move Winning Pursuit -- Club's League Week 2
Something in Guadalajara, Mexico

114-Move Winning Pursuit -- Club's League Week 2


How is everyone's weekend going? I hope you are doing well. I am doing fine too! Today, I will be sharing with you my rapid games from week 2 of the Chess.com Clubs League. The games were interesting, and the matches were dramatic!

Oh, are you asking about the 114-move thing? Did I clickbait you??? I am so sorry, I sincerely repent of this horrible sin of click-baiting my fellow readers. PLEASE, I BEG you for forgiveness, I will do anything to make it up!!!... HAHA! It was not clickbait! The title has a purpose, you will just have to read on!  

We were playing a team from Mexico, on to the games! As I've mentioned before, for the transparency of my analysis, I'm not using a computer to analyze these games. But constructive criticism is welcome, and I will amend accordingly. Also, I will be analyzing these games deeper, later on, today's analysis is not very deep. I just got back from a trip, and just want you guys to get the general idea of what happened during the match.  For the record, the time control was 15|2.


  • I need to go back into the lab with these QGD lines and find out what I need to do in the resulting middlegames.

  • Don't create unnecessary weaknesses, anticipate what the opponent can do to attack them.

  • It's important not to "play to your opponent's time pressure". Mistakes can be made, it's best to beat them with good quality moves that they don't have time to properly respond to

And BTW, as we discussed last week, I avoided checking the scoreboard! When we finished, I saw we were tied 3-3, so it's a tight match.  Game 2 started almost instantly. I vowed to be more focused, and not to blunder.


  • I didn't need to relieve the tension just for the sake of doing it. We both got weaknesses in that case. It's always best to lean maintain the tension when given the choice. 

  • 26... Nxc3, once again, losing my focus!

  • I know this isn't a lesson, but 114 moves in a must-win game?!  Under normal circumstances, we would have drawn (or I would have lost?!) much sooner, but these were special circumstances

Here are the final results of the match, rapid and blitz respectively

It was a very close match. We came within a game (of winning or tying) in both contests  but we were the inferior team that day! I normally am not showing my blitz games, but this is too pretty not to show!

I hope you enjoyed this post, I enjoyed writing it, and I look forward to the comments. See you next week!