Time Control Changes... We Think?

Time Control Changes... We Think?

IM DanielRensch
Jul 21, 2014, 6:03 PM |

Hi Team-Chess.com-Members,

We need your help! What's the topic? Keep reading! Laughing

Along with improving the look, feel, and "usability" of Chess.com with our upcoming "V3" redesign, we are also considering making some tweaks / improvements to the Default Time Controls in Live Chess.

What are the current Defaults you ask? You find them here http://grab.by/yLQ4 when you use our "dropdown" to quickly seek a game with the most popular time controls. They are:

  • 1 | 0
  • 2 | 1
  • 3 | 0
  • 5 | 0
  • 5 | 2
  • 10 | 0
  • 15 | 10
  • and 30 | 0

Which time controls are we thinking of removing / adding / changing?

  • 5 | 2 would be removed in favor of the "now-standard-FIDE-blitz-time-control" 3 | 2;
  • 30 | 0 would be removed in favor of 25 | 5 to offer a "better quality" long time control with increment to ensure better play "under time pressure";

Why are we considering (and leaning toward strongly) making these changes?

Our "Default List" was originally compiled as any website would makes its "default settings": We asked ourselves 'What are the current most popular / most standard time controls globally (both in online and over the board play)?' and we modeled our dropdown from that. 

Well, simply put, times have changed. The emergence of the 3 | 2 time control as "the standard" and most sensical way to play blitz (see the time control used in Dubai at the World Blitz Championships) has led to many requests from members that we add this time control. But which goes? We must keep only 8, so nice try to all the members who will just suggest "having 10" at the end of this blog Wink.

3 | 0 is our MOST popular time control and *must* remain. 5 | 2 is not a standard time control under any *normal chess* circumstances - Have you ever played 5 | 2 in an in person Blitz Tournament? Didn't think so...  5 | 2 equals a total of 7 minutes... and just feelsawkward Undecided. It is the natural elimination.

Thoughts in comments please!

Secondly, we've had many requests for more serious time controls with increment to allow for "a higher quality endgame to be played". Well, a natural change to the list that "helps answer the call" is changing 30 | 0 to 25 | 5. That simple.

Thoughts in comments please!

Finally, bonus question: If you could choose between 10 | 0 and 2 | 12, which would you prefer? You may not get your wish... but you'd be settling a bet amongst Chess.com Staff Tongue Out - so thanks for participating!

Stay classy Chess-Diego!