A Few Funny Stories

NM Dare-Dare


1. There was once a rich family- The Butcharts. They went on lots of vacations. Once they visited England, and when they were about to get on the boat back to Canada, Mr. Butchart received news that his best racing pigeon had died. So, he made his wife go with him to France to search for new racing pigeons. His wife was thoroughly annoyed, as she would miss their beautiful gardens. The ship they missed was the Titanic- the VERY ONE that hit an iceberg and sank!!!!!! And from that point on, whenever his wife complained about his decisions, he would always say: "Now, Jenny, remember the Titanic!" :-)

2. My social studies teacher also teaches a 7th period social studies class. One of the questions on our Pre-Constitution test was: WHAT DID THE 13TH AMENDMENT TO THE US CONSTITUTION DO? One of the students in 7th period social studies, Shaw, wrote: "IT LEGALIZED MARIJUANA!" (I expect every one of you readers know that this amendment banned slavery!)

3. Mark Twain once said: "You know, in this world, there are idiots, and there are politicians...WAIT! They are the same thing!" (Obviously Mark Twain did not like Politicians!)

4. Once, this pop group of 4 players were playing music in public areas with quite a large audience. The lead player asked: "Who wants to play this song?" 3 players, including him, raised their hands. So they started playing, as that was a majority. The last player who didn't want to play that stood there half the song, then finally decided to start playing the song he voted for! So it was 25% Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, and 75% this random pop song!

That's it for now, I may decide to add a few later. Feel free to post your own funny stories, jokes, and riddles in the comments below!