New Awesome Group- Come Join!

NM Dare-Dare
Oct 20, 2013, 4:52 PM |

A new group has just been created on by NM Danielminghe! Come join this awesome group called "Chess Randomness"! It's for all your random chess needs! Go to

Join this group to help it become one of the biggest and best chess groups on!

This group, Chess Randomness, will start doing tons of Team Matches once we get to 50 members! Right now, we only have a few members.

My goal is for this group to have 50 members by the Halloween, October 31st! Help meet our goal.

Chess Randomness is open to Random Ideas to make the group better. Once you join the group, refer our group to other members and post in our notes to tell us how our group can improve.

Looking Forward to seeing all of you in Chess Randomness!



-Chess Randomness Super-Admin and Founder NM Danielminghe

-Chess Randomness Admin Dare-Dare