Summer Chess- What To Do

NM Dare-Dare
Aug 13, 2013, 4:35 PM |

In the summer, most people, adults and kids alike, have more time to do chess. Summer is a great time to improve, but many people don't take advantage of this. They play online blitz and bullet games, and they don't improve. Summer is a great time to work on your chess, play more tournaments, and overall improve a lot more, even during vacations.

I don't mean not going inside the Lincoln Memorial because you should spend more time on your chess, but instead of sitting around on your flight there, do chess puzzles, play some long time control games on, or study with a book. Recently, my family traveled to Yellowstone National Park. We drove there from Washington State, and during the ride I did 80-100 chess puzzles, and worked with one of my chess books for 2-3 hours, and still had time to enjoy myself, since the ride was 10 hours each way.

Of course some of you might think my case was quite extreme, but actually at least 4 of my classmates flew to china, and they had a 48 hour round trip (But they don't play chess!). But at the same time, my former classmate (Who's USCF rating is 1599) Zak went on a cruise, and of course he doesn't have that much time there, although he still has a little.

So, based on how open your summer schedule is, try to do chess puzzles, read chess books, or anything that helps you improve at chess. Just from my 80-100 chess puzzles from my ride to and from Yellowstone helped me improve a lot. In my next rated tournament, I scored 3/4 and did not lose rating points, something I had managed to do for the past 3-4 months.

It works! Try it! Thanks for reading everyone, and please leave a comment!