Space Coast open 2015

Apr 27, 2015, 7:48 PM |

One of my new year's commitments was to succeed at chess which is my passion, as everybody who knows me is aware of.

Its been tough to study the last couple of months since I have been too busy with my real job and I have been playing a lot of blitz, taking away precious time to study.

This is the first tournament since August from last year. So Im commited on going to as many tournaments as I can and to improve my game. I want to post my games and I appreciate any feedback anybody can provide me.

After asking for a bye on first round since I had to do some work and wanted to avoid the G60 time control, I faced a strong master in round two

This is the game:

The following is my round's 3 game.

After my previous two loses I was a bit dissapointed and was playing for a win not matter who the opponent was on my forth round game.


I was too exhausted to play the fifth round and withdrew. A bad tournament, but I gained experience and good lessons which will make me a better player