Some Anti-Sicilian Tactics to Consider

Some Anti-Sicilian Tactics to Consider

Apr 22, 2013, 8:07 AM |

   1.e4 c5

   1.e4 c5

   1.e4 c5


   If you are a Sicilian fan, please don't take this personallyInnocent. I'm not trying to offend you, I'm just trying to help the world beat people like you. So sharpen up those anti-anti-Sicilian strategies, and buckle up! 

   If you are an anti-Sicilian fan, good for you! I personally dislike the Sicilian because it doesn't develop the center, it only opens up your queen, and the only thing it does to your opponent is make them wonder what the heck you're doing. But when you get confused by the Sicilian, here's a list of my favorite anti-Sicilians.


   1.The Bowlder Attack:

   This is my personal favorite because it develops your bishop, body blocks the pawn, and threatens f7 (and Scholar's Mate). Plain and simple. But, some people prefer...


   2.The Stauton-Cochrane Variation:

   I don't know why people like this. I does block the pawn from advancing more.

   Okay, now here are some variations that don't involve pawn body blocking.


   3.The Smith-Morra Gambit:

   This gambit may give black a pawn (as gambits do), but it also gains white a strong attacking position and black is left with, well, almost no position at all.


   4.Nyezhmetdinov-Rossolimo Attack (aka the Rossolimo Variation):

   This is kind of like the Ruy Lopez for Sicilian; you can always double up their pawns when you capture their knight with your bishop.


   5.The Closed Sicilian:

   This play defends your e4 pawn while at the same time preventing d5 because you have two lines of defense on d5 (pawn and knight) while they only have one (queen).


   Now see if you can combine two of these strategies in this puzzle!

   Feel free to post other variations in the comments!

                                                          -Nintendo DS(DarthSirius394)