Australian Open: Part 3

CM Data_Pillars
Jan 13, 2015, 2:27 AM |

In the final rounds I managed 2/3, despite facing extremely unpleasant endgames in rounds 9 and 10, and an objectively losing position in the 11th.


In round 9, I completely misevaluated the IQP position, thinking that I had a strong attack. My opponent defended easily and his pieces were more active in the Queen and Rook endgame that followed.


Round 10 was absolute torture. My opponent managed to achieve a double rook endgame in which he could press forever at no cost, and proceeded to do so. Everytime I thought I had achieved the draw, he found some other way to try to break through. Eventually he did, and we reached a Queen and pawn endgame where he offered a draw in a position that I think he could have won.


After that, the final game - which lasted less than 30 moves - was a huge relief. Except that I was losing.

I achieved a very promising position from the opening, but after I played my Knight to f5 too early my opponent reached a dominating position. I sacrificed a Bishop to confuse matters, and it paid off when my opponent allowed a decisive combination.



The game finished:
So overall a pretty solid result with 5.5/11 in my first adult tournament, which earned me equal 2nd with three others in the U1800 division and $25 in prize money. I showed greater resilience and defensive ability than I thought I possessed, which allowed me to save many half-points along the way.