Donner & Blitzen

Feb 6, 2012, 7:48 PM |

I wonder if Santa plays speed chess?

I wonder if AC/DC were inspired by a reindeer when they wrote "Thunder"? (Dunder .... not Blixem)

What do they call lightning chess in Germany? and is it 5 minutes each or 1 minute? If they do call it Blitz, what do they call Blitz? Is Super Blitz now Super Lightning?

Why not "thunder" chess? too noisy? ... comet?

Where did the idea for the name "bullet" originate?

If I were a reindeer, how would I go about changing my name from Blixem to Blitzen? As one of 8 reindeer, am I just one of Santa's pawns?

another sleepless night .............