Great Canadian Chess Videos!

Mar 28, 2012, 8:38 PM |

Hey ..... my Blog, my opinions ..... here are 3 of my favourite "chess" videos featuring Canadian talent....... and yes we all play hockey, drink beer, and live in igloos.......

1. Austin Powers: The Spy who Shagged Me (1999)

(featuring good old Canadian boy Mike Myers from Scarborough Ontario)

Ivona: Do you know how we keep warm in Russia?

Austin: Whoa ho ho, I can guess baby!

Ivona: We play chess!

Austin: I guessed wrong.

Ivona: It takes a keen intellect to play chess Mr. Powers. I assume you know how to play.

Austin: Of course baby. (as black, he then moves his queen knight to queen five ...... also note board is set up wrong with white square to players left, white king on Ivona's left)

Ivona then starts caressing her king and fondling her pair of bishops before alternately sucking on her king and queen.

Austin responds by licking a white pawn,then pretending it is a zit, and finally almost choking on it before coughing it across the room.


2. SCTV (1977) : "Winning Chess with Boris Morris"

(this Toronto produced television parody featured many Second City Stage Alumni ...... Harold Ramis and Andrea Martin in this episode)


Show host Boris Morris introduces Chess expert Wanda Scutnik and they proceed to play a game ......

features a (beer) bottle cap in place of a missing pawn, Andrea's first move with her "horsey", Harold follows with his "pointy-headed guy" ...... lots of silliness and sound effects ..... wrapped up by clearing the board off the table and a kick to the stomach.

"Well played Mrs. Scutnik!"


3. Hockey Chess Videos  ........all of them! here are three!

3a ..........Gretzky vs. Messier as NY Rangers  (1996 TV commercial)

Coolest Game on Earth commercial ....... ." Oops, I slipped"


3b...........Detroit Red Wings "Competitors on and off the ice" (TV commercial)

"Check!" (Czech)



3c ........ Phoenix Coyotes "Chess or Checkers?" (NHL Video)

players are questioned which they prefer, clips from Mel Brooks History of the World Part 1 are included.