Winning (Blitz) Chess with Clive Cussler

Jan 23, 2012, 8:04 PM |

What does Clive Cussler know about chess? ..... I'm guessing a Boatload! (look it up thats a good one ....... sorry, laughing at my own jokes again).

Getting back to my point ...... Clive was neither with me or offering advice while I won a Blitz Tourney a couple of weeks ago ...... I was reading one of his paperbacks , Crescent Dawn, from the local Oak Ridges Library ..... while competing.

He helped me defeat a Sandbagger. (look it up, perhaps I'm using the wrong term, but that's what I call them .... maybe its a Poker term, but it sounds right).

Game starts , 5 minutes each, I'm black, white's clock starts ....... not a creature is stirring not even a pawn .... white's clock is ticking.

3 possibilities;

1. Last minute withdrawal or connection problems?

2. Gone to the Little King's (or Queen's) Room  ..... be right back?

3. S A N D B A G G E R !

What do I do ?  Start Reading (its not a bad book, just fiction, nothing to take too seriously, just fun)

What should I do ? What are my choices ......make a sandwich?, grab a bevy? go potty? Assume I've won?


In my (albeit limited) experience, 5 out of 10 times , white rushes back to the game and pushes a pawn within the first minute.......... the other half dozen times ......clock keeps ticking ...... I keep reading (with my good eye still on the clock) ..... ticking .......reading ..... tick .......turn page, read ......tick ..... read.....

Guess what happens at the 4 minute mark ? (white has 1 minute left , I have all original 5 beautiful minutes)  ...... Pawn to K4 !

I in turn put my book down and push my King Pawn forward two squares.

Sandbagger thinks ....... #@&?! why is this guy still here and not at the fridge?

My time advantage and a relatively conservative game lead to an easy win as white times out. Funny how these guys always seem to drop back in with one minute left, and typically in Blitz games.... as Lightning, Bullet, or Super Blitz don't usually afford enough time for this tactic.

Thanks Clive! (apologies to Tom, Robert, and Jeffrey .... maybe next time)


Good Game!