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I want female chess players to feel valued as they play online and over the board.

Jan 13, 2013, 6:25 PM 3

My previous blog had to do with wanting more female players to participate in the San Antonio Chess Club. (I had to delete it because someone out of nowhere was doing nothing but give me a hard time about it and I was rather upset with having to deal with his BS.)  I have been giving it deeper thought, and it dawns on me that the local chess club mentioned above needs to do a better job in making those women feel valued while playing in tournaments and club meetings.  I, myself, care more about the involvement and participation of female players than obtaining a high rating.  I'm really trying to make those women feel valued in the chess world even as I'm playing chess against them.  From my perspective, there will always be more to learn about women playing in the chess world, but it's up to me to discover that on my own.  This is 2013 and I believe that this is the time we drastically cut down on negative generalizations on women's involvement in chess.  In my last blog, I mentioned a few negative generalizations on this subject that I have heard way too many times.  Like I said, this is where my local chess club in San Antonio, TX needs to make such drastic positive changes.  I don't want to get too personal, but for me, I feel much more comfortable having more female than male friends, even in the chess world.

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