Pushing even harder in seeking female chess players for 2015 for the San Antonio Chess Club

Dec 1, 2014, 11:25 PM |

I've been attempting to do what I can to continue to encourage more women/girls to become avid chess players in San Antonio if they are not already so. I'm also trying to encourage those female players who are already USCF members to continue to play actively in the San Antonio Chess Club meetings and tournaments as often as they can as long as they can fit that into their schedule. The Facebook page that I created ("More Female Chess Players Encouraged in San Antonio") has allowed me to attempt to invite female chess players to any tournaments that the San Antonio Chess Club offers. I've already made this a lifetime endeavor and it would really help to see more female chess players added to my Facebook group page mentioned in parentheses above. Here is the link to my Facebook group page for those that are not already members: