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Best game yet of Alexander Styles, aged 3.

Best game yet of Alexander Styles, aged 3.

Aug 8, 2014, 8:34 AM 12

Still a loss, but how good was your chess at his age?

Not his longest game, but I think his most well-played, with only one instance of hanging a piece (unfortunately, it was his Queen), itself probably a lapse in concentration due to us also watching the Olympiads at the same time, and there was a young girl (10 years old) from the Rwandan team being interviewed, which he found inspirational, but perhaps also distracting.

His play in general, and opening play in particular, has improved significantly of late, in large part I think due to playing against a chess app of mine on the iPad, which also has a "tutor" option, which gives 4 acceptable suggestions per move, and the user chooses a move that they prefer. While this means he's not "flying solo" against the iPad, it does also mean that when he's playing OTB, he's learned a bit of method from such guidance, and can apply it in his own games.

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