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Win vs. iPad playing at 2100 level

Win vs. iPad playing at 2100 level

Nov 16, 2011, 8:59 PM 5

Wow, can't believe my spam filter didn't eat an email (even from myself) containing the words "iPad" and "win"!


Very pleased to beat this thing. There was no time control, but the clocks you see were just recording how much time was used. Hence, I used eight minutes and the iPad used 46 seconds. Just in case you were otherwise wondering how not only did I kick the iPad's arse, but also forced it into time trouble in the process, if you thought (quite reasonably) that our clocks were counting down, and thus I had eight minutes remaining and the iPad had 46 seconds remaining. This did not occur :p

What did occur though, is me beating it, and I'm very proud of it, so here's the game:

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