Behind the scenes of Svidler - Hou Yifan, Tata Steel 2018
John Saunders

Behind the scenes of Svidler - Hou Yifan, Tata Steel 2018

GM DavorinKuljasevic
Jan 22, 2018, 3:09 AM |
I would like to share my analysis of the final stage of the game Svidler - Hou Yifan from Wijk aan Zee 2018. It was an exciting game to watch in live transmission as there were many concrete lines that had to be calculated precisely by both players with little time on the clock. But as I looked at what remained "behind the scenes", I was simply dumbfounded by the depth of analytical possibilities and beautiful variations in what seemed to be a relatively "normal" position. So let us dig into it! 
Despite the unfortunate way this interesting game was cut short, it was very pleasing to find so many hidden possibilities for both sides in the analysis. A piece of advice you would hear from every world champion is that you can only understand a game if you analyze it deeply. As you can see from this example, sometimes you need to dig very deeply to find the truth. But in the process, you might just surprise yourself with the gems you find happy.png