Are positional games good for blitz?
Dan Heisman again because for some reason every game I play nowadays I am reminded of his teaches I read from his Novice Nook Columns, website, and books.

Are positional games good for blitz?

Jan 20, 2018, 3:10 AM |

Is the Sicilian too positional for blitz?  That is the question I am thinking about right now due to a game I recently played with one of my chess peers.  I'm not trying to say that it is an established fact that the Sicilian is hard to play in blitz  but that often times there arises a complex position that causes the person playing black to run out of time simply because black generally is the one in the driver's seat after white tries to play for a strong pawn center only having it turn out to be a lure to waste time so that black has time to mount at least some type of attack, however, usually, in the Sicilian, if white plays well, there is no attack for black, however, I may not be playing the Sicilian correctly...  Marek, maybe you could give me some insights about the Silician... You did mention in one of our lessons that we were going to go over some Sicilian ideas, but I guess you haven't got around to it?  Yeah, my attendance has been spotty as of late but as soon as I can I will ask to see you twice a week instead of 1 time and maybe we can get to the openings you said we'd cover.   Not that I am saying studying the opening game is going to improve my chess overall, just, however, some of the problems I am encountering while playing the Sicilian, and the other opening you said we'd go over, which I forgot.


Playing the Stonewall attack gave me a very fun way of just playing chess, thank you for that Marek.


On to the Sicilian!



In this Sicilian black can easily defend his lone pawn in the center of the board with pieces.  At first glance I cannot see any way to take advantage of the fact that whites lone central pawn is weak, however, perhaps that should have been my long-term plan, to later take that pawn?  These openings I play like this in the Sicilian bank on allowing me to capture the last pawn that is overextended.  The capturing of that last pawn will either make or break the attack of black in this variation of the Sicilian.



At first glance I saw no plans for black.  There just wasn't a way to get at the pawn with enough attackers.  Though white can get after tripling up on the c file the game will ensue with trades.  I can only gather that perhaps it is white that has the chances here, though I do not see any concrete plans.  


As you can see, this guy I play against is very good.  There are times where I cannot figure out a way to win.  Sometimes I just don't have a winning idea, even after analyzing it now!


This game by itself doesn't demonstrate that the Sicilian is a bad opening for black in blitz, just that in this position, it's hard to come up with a plan in just under 3 minutes, which was the time control we were playing at.


In conclusion, play games with longer time controls! grin.png