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Hope Chess

Sep 27, 2017, 8:52 PM 1
Consider the following game...



Now get into the head of the person I played this game with.  This guy, though not a beginner at chess, never quite got that good, and still makes a lot of blunders like this.  Why do you think he over looked this simple easy to see tactic.  I did a forcing move, but it was easy to parry.  


Most people that play chess when they see a knight close to their king alarm bells start going off and they instantly want to just drive the knight away sometimes not even looking at anything else but the fact that the knight is close to the king and it must be driven away.  I have a previous blog that touches on this subject, and shows an example of how this type of thing happens at a more intermediate setting.  I think this guy has beaten me 3 times since we started playing regularly again, and that's probably about 50 games.  Yeah I know it's not that much.  So why do I play him?  I want him to get better the same way I got better, by playing someone a lot better than he is.  


Anyway this guy I played notices very easily when he can fork my pieces with his knight, but when my knight attacks his queen he doesn't see it.  So also part of the problem is learning to look at what your opponent can do, and at the beginner level, it's something like this.


So what I am trying to say usually after every move you have to be considering your opponents options, else you are playing hope chess.

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