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Is there a block in our brains sometimes?

Is there a block in our brains sometimes?

Jan 11, 2018, 2:06 AM 0

Take a look at the following position.



That was the go-to move played by a beginner who I and a friend were coaching on the Endgame in between games with his opponent.  We showed him this same position twice and he played the same move twice.  Why did he do it?  Sure he is a beginner and doesn't know any better but why does he play this move?  What logic is going through his mind?


My theory is that unless you practice the muscle of playing a lot of long games with correct thinking algorithms you do not have a very systematic way of coming up with moves, and instead, make moves mainly on impulse.  Let me explain.  Dan Heisman teaches that before you make any move on the chess board one must think up of more than one candidate move for the position and carefully analyze the resultant position after each of those moves.  This is what I am talking about, applying this principle, with each and every chess move.  It's not just about checking for forcing moves.  Too many times I hear people on the forums tell people just look at the forcing moves of the positions, but that is not the whole piece of the pie.  Sure, it is a good way to get good at blitz, but not at games with longer time controls, and there are other types of moves to look for, things that some people never think about...


A lot of people give Dan Heisman flack, especially other masters.  They don't like him.  Why?  He's over payed, and they might be jealous wink.png.  Actually, I don't know the real reason, but I think it has to do with the fact that he doesn't have enough bragging rights.  Some say Dan Heisman is not a NM.  I do not know if this fact about him is accurate, but what I do know is this.  I am going to test this theory.  I am going to play a lot of games with longer time controls.  800 actually, and see if I improve.  the time control will be 45|45.  If I get better, I will share my experience, and applaud Dan Heisman for his awesome advice.  If I don't get better, then I will admit that I may have been in error.


Before I partake in this journey I want to show you all a portion of a game I played recently.



I made that move in the game, but I kept thinking that if I took with the king it would still be a stalemate.  Why?  That is the question.  wink.png

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