Too slow or too fast?  Everyone's problem is they often don't calculate far enough!
Dan Heisman and LuckyDan

Too slow or too fast? Everyone's problem is they often don't calculate far enough!

Oct 30, 2017, 11:16 PM |

A big topic in chess is the topic of time management.  We've all been there.  Sometimes we make a fast move and lose the game because of it.  Or then there is the opposite end of the spectrum where you take too long to make a simple move that should have been done a long time ago.  Dan Heisman writes in his book, A Guide to chess improvement, that one needs to learn to gauge their time a little more smartly than just arbitrarily making moves whenever you feel like it.  You have to know when to spend time and when to make fast moves, and part of that ability is learning to know when you have to do either or.


In the following game, I was playing a 15|10 time control, and I had over 15 minutes left on my clock, and lost the game because I wanted so hard to have a forcing move that I made a stupid won which pretty much costed me the game.  Before I made that move, I should have considered everything first.  Here is the game:



Anyway the real point is that I was moving too fast this game.  I should have been spending more time on my clock.  Here is another one:



I'm starting to see the downside of this opening is that if you want to castle queen side then it's hard to castle over there LOL.  The game was a blitz game. 5|3.  I didn't have a whole lot of time to think, so I know I will lose a lot more games like this in the future when I play blitz.  I lost the real game with time.  I did not show what actually happened here but nothing spectacular I just lost with time but he had good attacking chances because I took the rook he used a shield and I moved my rook that was on his seventh rank to the 6th file again to renew a mating threat, but he had dynamics, and I didn't have enough time to think.  So, in this fast game I was thinking too slow.  So now it becomes clear.  In long games I think too fast, but in short games I think too slow LOL.


In this next position I close with a chess puzzle I solved in correctly.  This was a blitz game, so it's okay this time that I did get it wrong somewhat, however, I had plenty of time on my clock this time.  When I began the trades I thought I was going to come out ahead but instead it was even and he also gained back his pawn to boot.


I'm not that good though sad.png, but at least I am learning.  I havn't gained rating points in a long time, but I hope for a change soon!


The takeaway is that I myself need to start focusing on playing games with much longer time controls.  Currently it is hard to find someone to play 45|45, however, in the meantime I might be able to play some 30 minute games.  I think the answer to most people's problems who havn't played enough long games is that they need to start playing long games.  You have to learn how to think about your moves, and not just rely on motifs you already know.  You can't do that in speed chess.  The solution is to play games with long time controls.  I hope I can find a way to play 45|45 games but currently it's hard to find an opponent for games with such long time controls.