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How to Crush with the King's Indian Defense Part 1

How to Crush with the King's Indian Defense Part 1

Jun 4, 2016, 6:19 AM 2

  You might have heard of the King's Indian Defense and its glory, but never won a game with it. That might be because you don't play it right or because you're too afraid to get your hands dirty. If you're too afraid to get your  hands dirty, I can't help you. However, if you don't play the King's Indian right, read the rest of this blog!


                             These are the first four moves in the King's Indian Defense  


   In the position above you can see the starting position of the King's Indian Defense. Please don't turn off your computer! I don't want to loose you on the second paragraph! Things do not look as passive as they seem! Eventually black will counterattack in the center by playing e5, move his knight out of the way so he can play f5, then play f4,g5,and h5, preparing g4 later. Now things aren't as easy as they seem! First you have to position your pieces in their proper place.

 In the position below we're going to go through the main line of the King's Indian Defense:

  Of course every opening has its downsides. The downside in the King's Indian is that white achieves his goal. He wins on the queenside. However black also achieves his goal. He wins on the kingside. Now everybody is happy... only black delivers checkmate! Well, that's what you get when you attack on the kingside!
I hope you enjoyed part one of this blog!
If you want to see part 2, please comment!!!

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