Pawn Endgames Part 2


    Hello chess fans! If you haven't seen part one I recommend you do now. Today we will focus on zugzwangs. A zugzwang is when you force your opponent to a square without checking your opponent. Zugzwangs almost always accure in endgames. Here's an example of a zugzwang:

The black king cannot do anything about the pawn on e4 after Ke3. Black is in a zugzwang. He has to move away from the pawn and play Ke6. Kg4 will also loose to Kxe4, Kh5, (not really any move for black) Ke5. Now everything looses to Kd6! 
     After Ke6, Kxe4 and black is in another zugzwang! He (or she) is forced to move backward! Ke7. The position is lost for black! Black has no choice but to move to the side and whichever side black goes to he looses. 
     I hope you enjoyed this blog!