Ruy Lopez vs The Italian Game

Oct 25, 2015, 6:00 AM |

        Have you ever wondered what is better for white, the Ruy Lopez or The Italian Game? Well that's why I'm here. To show you what I think is the best openning.

       The Italian Game: In The Italian Game white starts out with a good attack. White is planning on generating a huge king side attack.This could be very helpful for white and give him a win. Now I will show you the main moves of The Italian Game:


         As you can see white is planning on playing d4 but he just wasted a move to protect the e4 pawn and must wait a coule moves until white can play d4. There is another downside though. If The Italian Game is the most popular openning than won't most people have a special openning to play against it? So you must be very prepared to see any openning.


        The Ruy Lopez: The Ruy Lopez is a devistating openning. Many grandmasters recomend this openning especialy for begginers. Many people think it's the same as the Italian Game. It's not! This openning is actually  a lot diffrent than the Italian Game! Here's what I mean:

        As you can see unlike the Italian Game white does not waste a move with d3. It is also a very tactical game and also very exciting! Another good thing if you're a begginer if you play the Ruy Lopez your opponent will wonder what you're doing!

         So in conclusion I recomend the Ruy Lopez because of it's exciting play!

        I hope you liked this blog and keep playing!