The Fishing Pole (Trap)

Mar 3, 2016, 2:39 PM |

    What is the Fishing Pole Trap? The Fishing Pole Trap isn't really anything specific. It can occure in almost any opening. The most descriptive phrase you can use to describe it might be: a kind of "knight sacrafice" where you might get mate using your queen, a rook, and a pawn.

    Accepting the Fishing Pole: Often in the Fishing Pole, when you accept the so called "knight sacrafice" it leads to complete disaster.

Here's an example: 

    This is probably the quickest way to get to a fishing pole position that occures in games every once in a while.


   The Fishing Pole Declined: As you can see, if white accepts the Fishing Pole, then it would turn out to be a comlete nightmare for white, but what hapens if white declines? Now there are many diffrent things that can happen but many go wrong for white. Today I'm just going to go over one diffrent variation that could happen.


    The Fishing Pole is an awesome trap, I think, and I hope you learned something from this video.