Let´s party

Oct 31, 2009, 2:29 AM |

Hi everyone,

I almost never use this blog, but i thought, for playing 1000 rated online games here, i could make one. I´d like to thank chess.com for letting me do this, cos my games improved alot. Saying this, i still think chess is a game of luck. Yesterday, in a OTB game i played against someone from who i never had lost, and i played too quick... But i think i learned - and still learn - alot from this site. And didn´t i know somthing, i can put up a discussion and all of you answered. So therefore, i´m in quite a happy mood.

I´d still say, after more than 2 years, 1000 rated games, more than 70 unrated games and almost 300 live chess games: Good luck and play fair!

Bert Dekker