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Delhi at the Pro Chess League 2017

Feb 22, 2017, 8:36 AM 0

Delhi Dynamite has had quite a great run at the Pro Chess League so far. We have won four of our matches and have drawn one. We lost a narrow match to the Norway Gnomes, where we played against the world Champion Magnus Carlsen. One of our team members, GM Sahaj Grover drew against the world champ! Salem Saleh won all his games in Week 5. Nihal Sarin won against GM Aryan Tari and Aradhya Garg won against three Grandmasters. Abhijeet Gupta, Tania Sachdev and Tejas Bakre have also performed well for our team. The team has already qualified for the play-offs and we are now looking forward to finishing our last league match on a high. Go Dynamite!

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