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Delhi Dynamite rides high after beating Estonia Horses 8.5-7.5

Delhi Dynamite rides high after beating Estonia Horses 8.5-7.5

Feb 7, 2018, 1:50 PM 0

"I ate one finger," said team manager IM Vishal Sareen after witnessing the live action from the studio. On a serious note, the Dynamite's fighting spirit impressed him, "It's clearly one of the most difficult matches. We were down and out. Somehow, the guys pulled it off. Full marks to everyone! What a match!" he exclaimed.

Today's match against Estonia Horses was a roller coaster ride for all the team members and fans. Thankfully, Dynamite won the match with a one-point margin.


The highest scorer, reigning Indian Champion GM Lalith Babu played the role of Dark Knight with overall 3/4. Star player GM Abhijeet Gupta also took charge to score crucial 2.5/4 points.

Here are highlights.


On board four, IM Hemant Sharma drew the first round game against higher rated opponent GM Ottomar Ladva. This draw neutralized the pressure for the team and allowed other members to play some risky chess 


...GM Abhijeet Gupta here played Rxf3!? and this exchange sacrifice flummoxed his opponent. 

+1 for Dynamite. 

Tables turned shortly after Estonia Horses put up a great fight in the second round.

White blundered mate-in-one after a heart-stopping tactical battle. 

nullDynamite's captain brushed off the loss and fought back in the subsequent games. 

In the third round, GM Lalith Babu played flawlessly to defeat GM Meelis Kanep.

Watch the game here:

When seen from the outside, chess looks like brief moments of action interspersed with a lot of waiting around. But for fans of the game, the pauses give them time to digest the complex and layered moves they just watched (or time to go fetch a beer, complete a crossword, or troll players in the comment section). Nevertheless, fans have been merciful and supportive today!

Comment after Abhijeet's 30...Qe5



Abhijeet won the game in style. So did Dynamite!

Team manager IM Vishal Sareen has a special announcement for the readers: "We would like to announce the inclusion of Superstar GM P.Harikrishna in Delhi Dynamite!"


"I think his signing in before the match today made the difference. That positive energy changed everything." 

Watch out Riga Magicians! We are coming for you.

We take our team spirit very seriously. Delhi Dynamite is streaming live on 3 channels: Youtube, FaceBook, and Twitch!

AIM Devnashi Rathi is the live commentator. Do not miss the action. Subscribe to our Twitch channel here and follow us on FaceBook and Twitter

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