Kasporav Chessmate

Mar 25, 2008, 6:55 PM |

    Well, I recently aquired this specific item. It is a game and with the name Kasporav in it, isn't it special? Well, yes it is when you count the fact playing a rated 500 player that can play trap's very well then you are correct. As well the chess players in the game are hard to play. After each game I usually end up taking three more minutes then my enemy.

    As well the Training spot of the game, it's a bit more tacticle then I thought. It contains Strategy tips for beggining, middle, and end. As well gives the fundamentals of the game which is important to know. Part of the Training teachs tips about traps and how to avoid and spot a trap. As well the puzzles for Mate in 2, 3, 4, 5. I haven't fully cracked all the mate's. But I'm almost done with "Mate in 2" section of it. In each section thier seems a reasonable good fifteen puzzles to be put on the test. Yes each one get's harder and harder after you finish one. I only played two games so far. But they were two tough games I had to thought through each move. And found some good moves for my enemy but kept my mouth shut ( -_^) Anyway. I'm beggining to like this game more and more.

    As well thier is a "club" part of the game. It's called "Kasparov Chess Club". Thier is a championship tournament for being the leader of the club. The leader currently is none other then me. Well who am I kidding? It isnt me, it's actually Garry Kasparov. I don't feel like playing the tournament yet right now. since it's a separation tournament. Thiers a bronze, silver, and gold stages. So soon I'll take my hands onto that.

    I may stop my learning from Chessmaster: Grandmaster Edition to play some games on Kasparov Chessmate. Here's a game I played against Garry Kasporav, of course it was inevitable for Garry, I beat him. Man, I got to stop trying to boost my chess ego here, huh? Well frankly Garry beat me. But after some analysis I found a way out of the forced check mate. Too bad I blundered and moved my pawn causing a forced mate. Well here's the game. As well with my comments on my moves and on Garry's move(like he needs my comments) also. I run this through ChessMaster: Grandmaster edition and it agreed with kasporav 100 precent, yet with me only stinky 78. So sad. Well heres the game.

EDIT Err the game couldn't be shown for some reason I don't know Ill try fixing that.