My upcoming otb tournaments

May 5, 2015, 4:18 AM |

The task is to get as much as possible experience. Of course i can't play seven games each week. There are job, family and other hobbies in my life.

So the next months four tournaments are planned. I hope i can play all of them:

The first one is 7 round one group swiss system with players from grandmasters to beginners. Maybe i get some nice games against higher rated opponents. In round one there will be some expert or master on the other side of the chessboard. I already played one FM and one IM in round one of such events.

The second tournament is a 7 round swiss system with 2 groups. I must improve my rating in the first tournament, to play group A, where i would likely be one of the bottom seeds. Much to learn! If i have to play group B, there would still be some stronger opponents.

Then there is a 5 round swiss system with 4 groups. Worst case would be that i must play group c, but for that my national rating muss decrease by 70 points in two tournaments before. I hope not! So for group A my national rating or my fide elo must increase by more than 200 points - very unlikely! So it will most likely group b, where i will be in the lower half of the starting table. Good chance for 5 intersting games!

The last tournament would be a round robin with three roughly equal rated opponents. That would also be interesting.


And then the summer is over, team matches and club championship will start again shortly after the last tournament.